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A Reversal of Roles

Title: A Reversal of Roles.
Author: venus_fiction.
Prompt: Playing doctor. It doesn't matter who the doctor/patient is. of the Touchyerwood kinkmeme community.
Genre: Kink/Erotica.
Pairing(s): Ianto/Owen.
Rating: NC17.
Word Count: 3020.
Spoilers: None – AU.
Summary: It’s time someone else doctored the doctor…
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or any characters/places/plots associated with the show nor am I in any way profiting from this piece of writing.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Owen said wryly as he watched Ianto bustle around the autopsy bay.

Ianto smiled somewhat mischievously and came over to stand in front of Owen where the other man sat on the autopsy table, stripped of all of his clothes. He had Owen’s stethoscope draped around his neck and a small pupil torch sticking out of his shirt pocket. He’d spent a long time wondering why in spite of Owen’s affinity for medicine the other man had never wanted to play doctor and he’d decided that it was high time the two of them remedied the situation. It had taken some convincing but Owen had ultimately given in to Ianto’s thinly veiled suggestions, which was how they’d wound up where they were.

“You’re always doctoring us, I just think it’s high time someone returned the favor,” Ianto mused. “Now behave yourself. Who knows? You might even enjoy this.”

Owen rolled his eyes and held out his hands in a gesture of surrender, watching as Ianto closed the distance between them and took his wrist, the other man’s fingertips sliding into place over the pulse point there. He may not have had any formal medical training, but he’d picked up a skill or two watching and assisting Owen over the years, ultimately making his role play all the more realistic.

“You’re a bit nervous, are you?” Ianto asked coolly, glancing at his watch to time the beats. “Your heart rate is certainly elevated. You need to relax.”

He dropped the medic’s wrist and looked up to meet his eyes, a smile curling at his lips at the deadpan look on Owen’s face. Moving on, he pulled the pupil torch from his pocket and swiftly shone it in both of Owen’s eyes, watching the way his pupils constricted from the stimulus. It was both fascinating and arousing examining the other man and Ianto would be damned if Owen didn’t end up enjoying it, too.

Slipping the torch back into his pocket, Ianto stepped away from the table for a moment, returning with a blood pressure cuff. As he proceeded to slip the cuff onto Owen’s arm, he took a moment to gently stroke the strong yet graceful curve of the other man’s bicep, caressing it momentarily before tightening the cuff securely into place, eliciting a shiver from the medic.

With the cuff in place, Ianto slipped the stethoscope he had around his neck into his ears and pressed the disc of it firmly to the crook of Owen’s arm, carefully keeping it in place with one hand as he focused on manipulating the valve on the squeeze bulb of the whole contraption into a locked position. He inflated the cuff easily and kept his eyes on the gauge as he slowly began to let the air out once more, occasionally glancing up to watch Owen’s face as he waited for the telltale sounds of a pulse returning to the brachial artery beneath the stethoscope and cuff.

“One twenty six over eighty four,” Ianto commented as he obtained the reading. “I’d like to think I can get it up a bit. I’ll just have to thoroughly examine you and then recheck it.”

And with that, as he slipped the stethoscope off and began to remove the cuff, he finally got a genuine smile out of Owen. It was brief, but there was a glint of mischief and arousal in the medic’s eyes that hadn’t been there before, reassuring Ianto that the other man was just as into the scene as he was.

Setting the cuff aside, Ianto retrieved a thermometer. It was an old fashioned glass and mercury thermometer, one that Owen hadn’t even been aware they still had in the autopsy bay. Returning to where Owen sat, Ianto held it up only inches from the other man’s lips.

“Open wide,” he coaxed. “Just try not to bite down.”

“Yes doctor,” Owen said teasingly.

He did as Ianto had asked, accepting the thermometer and holding it in place beneath his tongue. As he did so, Ianto rested his hands on Owen’s thighs, gently rubbing them in broad, sweeping strokes, causing a quick shot of arousal to course directly down to Owen’s thus far flaccid length. Once the initial stimulus had been applied, there was no stopping the chain of physiologic reactions that culminated in a hard, straining erection less than a minute later.

“A minute’s up,” Ianto commented, breaking through Owen’s reverie. “Let’s have a look at this, now.”

He reached up with one hand to pull the thermometer from between Owen’s lips, his other hand reaching down to give Owen’s cock a single slow, languid stroke, eliciting a strained, desperate gasp from the medic.

“Ninety seven point eight,” Ianto read. “It’s a bit low. Perhaps I should take it in a more accurate manner?”

He smiled darkly as he shook the mercury down once more, gesturing with his free hand for Owen to stand up. Owen looked completely shocked at the brazenness and Ianto immensely enjoyed the power he was wielding over the other man as the medic complied. Once Owen was off the table, Ianto spun him around and put a hand between his shoulder blades, pushing firmly but gently so that Owen was bent over, his chest against the cold metal of the autopsy bed.

“Lucky I know where you keep the lube,” Ianto said lightly, pulling open a cabinet and retrieving a small plastic bottle.

Owen listened as the bottle was uncapped with a creak and a snap, shivering at the sound of the lubricant being squeezed from the bottle and onto the end of the thermometer. His erection was pressed against the cold metal side of the table and it was all he could do not to squirm as he waited for Ianto to carry on with the procedure.

“Alright, Owen, get your feet apart here,” Ianto instructed, pushing Owen’s legs open wider with a knee in between them. “Take a deep breath, it’ll be over soon.”

Owen nodded and gritted his teeth just in time to feel the cold, slick tip of the thermometer press against his anus as Ianto used his free hand to pull one of Owen’s cheeks aside for better access. The young medic inhaled sharply as the thermometer was pushed easily inside of him and held firmly in place by Ianto’s deft hand.

“I bet you never thought you’d be here like this, bent over your own table with a thermometer in your ass,” Ianto murmured, leaning in close to Owen so that his breath tickled the other man’s ear.

“Not with you wielding it, that’s for sure,” Owen replied teasingly. “Though I must say it is pretty erotic. Too bad it’s only a little thermometer.”

“If you like this, I bet you’ll absolutely relish the prostate exam I have planned for you,” Ianto whispered.

As he spoke, he twirled the thermometer a bit between his fingers, changing up the sensations Owen was feeling, making his cock twitch and strain with arousal. Just when Owen thought the sweet torture was never going to end, he felt Ianto withdraw the thermometer and turned his head, watching as the other man wiped it off with a tissue and held it up to the light to read the mercury.

“Ninety eight point six,” Ianto said, satisfied. “That’s more like it. Now, hop back up onto the table. I’m not through with you just yet.”

Owen complied and was seated comfortably once more as Ianto returned to his side, taking the stethoscope from around his neck once more and slipping it into his ears. He briefly considered warming the disc against his own palm but decided against it, thinking that the chill of it against Owen’s warm skin would add a nice clinical contrast to the examination.

“Take deep breaths for me,” he ordered.

Leaning in closer to the other man, Ianto reached around behind Owen and pressed the disc to his back, listening to the rush of air into and out of his lungs as the medic breathed on command. It wasn’t a sound he’d ever heard before, at least not so up close and personally, and it completely fascinated him, especially when he knew it was a sound unique to Owen.

Taking his time to be thorough, Ianto moved the stethoscope to several different spots, stopping only when Owen whined that he was getting dizzy from all of the deep breathing. Stepping back a little, he pressed the disc to the medic’s chest instead, right over his heart. He realized quickly that it was racing considerably more than it had been just minutes before and he grinned, meeting Owen’s eyes.

“That’s quite the effect I’m having on you,” he murmured. “And we haven’t even gotten to the fun part yet.”

“Do you even know what you’re listening for?” Owen asked dryly, watching Ianto intently.

“Of course I do,” Ianto replied. “I know everything, remember? Or at least enough to know if it sounded off. Now hush.”

Owen rolled his eyes and complied, reaching out to stroke Ianto’s hair playfully as the young man carried on listening to his heart, moving the stethoscope around occasionally to make sure he didn’t miss a thing. Ianto chuckled lightly as he thought that he was being thorough enough that he could probably actually update Owen’s medical file when he was through, but then Jack might have some questions to ask and Ianto wasn’t sure he was up for such an interrogation.

Keeping the stethoscope in place, Ianto snapped out of his reverie and looked up at Owen, grinning mischievously and leaning forward to press his lips to the other man’s. Owen’s kisses were hot and desperate, carrying a passion that not even Jack’s kisses could rival. Ianto moaned softly against the medic’s lips, closing his eyes as Owen fisted his hand in Ianto’s hair and kept him close. Ianto could hear Owen’s heart rate pick up even more as the two of them necked and he felt his cock stiffen and press against the zipper on his trousers.

Ianto pulled away a moment later, his chest heaving as he took a proper breath after the kiss. His eyes were glassy with arousal and as he looked at Owen he could see the feeling reflected in the other man’s expression.

Pulling away, Ianto slipped the stethoscope from his ears and set it aside, reaching instead for a pair of latex gloves. Owen watched with apprehension and arousal, both strong forces battling for control as his adrenalin raced through his bloodstream, while Ianto slipped his hands into the gloves with a snap.

“Alright, Owen, I need you up on the table on your knees and elbows,” Ianto instructed.

“What are you going to do, Ianto?” Owen asked teasingly, playing up the submissive patient role.

“That’s Dr. Jones to you,” Ianto admonished. “I’m going to check your prostate. Once I’m sure that’s all in order, I’m going to slip my cock into your ass and fuck you until you’re screaming my name.”

Owen’s cock gave a desperate twitch at the thought of Ianto inside of him and he swiftly complied. Climbing up onto the autopsy bed, Owen positioned himself roughly in the middle of it on his knees, his forearms pressed to the cold steel with his forehead resting on his fisted hands. He watched Ianto as the other man applied a generous amount of lube to a few of the fingers on his right hand and approached the table.

“Just relax, this won’t hurt a bit,” Ianto murmured.

Owen nodded and took in a deep, cleansing breath, shuddering pleasurably on the exhale as he felt Ianto pull his cheeks apart and begin applying lubricant around his entrance. He did his best to relax the tight ring of muscle that Ianto was about to penetrate and right as he did so, he felt Ianto’s fingertip slip inside of him, followed by the rest of his index finger right up to the hilt.

He hissed at the intrusion and closed his eyes, feeling his heart skip a beat as Ianto began twisting his finger slowly around. Ianto’s free hand came to rest at the small of his back and rubbed reassuring circles there as Ianto carefully withdrew his finger a bit and thrust it back in, over and over.

Ianto watched Owen closely for any signs of discomfort but the look on the medic’s face was one of pure bliss. Taking it as a sign that he could go further, Ianto withdrew his finger and slowly began to insert another one alongside it. He was pleased to find that Owen was thoroughly relaxed and his fingers fit in easily.

Things continued that way for a few minutes more, with Ianto stretching Owen slowly and Owen doing everything in his power not to come just yet before the medic finally gave up his silence and spoke.

“Ianto, I need to feel you inside of me, right now,” he gasped breathlessly.

“And here I thought you’d never ask,” Ianto said, completely bemused by Owen’s desperation. “Alright, just for being such a good patient, I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

Stepping away from the table, Ianto stripped off the latex gloves he wore, tossing them into the trash before beginning to strip out of his clothes. Owen watched him, his hand going to his hard length and rubbing it ever so lightly – enough to draw out his arousal but not quite enough to throw him over the edge and headlong into orgasm.

It took Ianto less than a minute to undress, but it seemed like hours of pure torture to Owen before Ianto was climbing up onto the autopsy table behind him on his knees. He could feel the heat from Ianto’s skin prickling against the backs of his thighs and his buttocks as the other man moved closer to him and leaned in, running his hands up Owen’s sides. The medic shivered from the Welshman’s touch and pushed his ass back towards Ianto, urging him on.

“Easy there,” Ianto drawled. “Don’t want me going in dry. I expect that’d hurt a bit, and what is it that your oath says? Do no further harm?”

Owen groaned and leaned forward a bit, giving Ianto just enough room to lube up his cock. By then, Ianto was growing just as desperate as Owen and so it was a rushed and messy job, though still an effective one.

Seconds later, Ianto’s hands found Owen’s hips and pulled him back so their bodies were flush together. He carefully lined his cock up with Owen’s entrance and pushed in, slow but insistent, until the head of him breached the tight ring of muscle at the medic’s entrance.

“Christ, Ianto,” Owen groaned. “You feel even bigger than you look.”

“You always say the nicest things,” Ianto panted with a breathy laugh.

Move,” Owen growled.

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” Ianto hissed.

His thrusts were slow at first, his initial push sinking him balls deep into Owen’s ass. Pausing for a moment to adjust to the tightness and to give Owen a chance to adjust to his girth, Ianto steeled himself and gritted his teeth before beginning the iterative stroking that threatened to bring them both close to bursting all too quickly.

As Ianto’s thrusting slowly increased in tempo, Owen reached for his cock, stroking it in time with the Welshman’s down strokes. He threw his head back and breathed deeply, air sawing into and out of his lungs. As he did so, Ianto reached up and fisted one hand into Owen’s hair, tugging his head back even further, enjoying the domination he had over the doctor.

As the speed and force of Ianto’s thrusts increased even further, both men gave up the pretense of stoicism and began to gasp without regard for being overheard. Ianto could feel the familiar spark of pending orgasm at the base of his spine and he dropped his head forward, his forehead resting against Owen’s back as he began to release deep inside of the medic.

At the feeling of Ianto spilling himself into Owen’s ass, the doctor began to come, Ianto’s name tumbling repeatedly from his lips as his cock spasmed, leaving his hand and his autopsy table wet and sticky.

Silence filled the air again as the two men came down from the high they’d been riding out, only their staccato breaths breaking the still air surrounding them. It was a long time before either man caught his breath and longer still before Ianto dared to move. He carefully pulled his softening length out of Owen’s ass and climbed down from the table, steadying himself on any available surface he could find as he retrieved a cloth from a nearby drawer. Returning to Owen’s side, he carefully cleaned the other man up, wiping him down gently, appreciating the overstimulation the medic must have felt as Ianto wiped down his cock and between his cheeks.

“So,” Owen said, having moved to lie down on his side to watch Ianto as the Welshman began to clean himself up. “What’s the verdict, doctor?”

“You’re healthy as a horse,” Ianto replied with a grin as he wiped himself down. “And your stamina is impressive.”

Owen laughed and slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position, swinging his legs over the edge of the table. He reached out, grasping Ianto’s wrist and tugging the other man closer, reaching out and resting his hands on Ianto’s hips. Ianto, in turn, dipped his head down and caught Owen’s lips in a soft kiss – one much less hurried and desperate than its predecessors.

Ianto’s arms twined around Owen’s neck, keeping the medic close as they reveled in the satisfied, post-coital bliss. Even the slight chill in the air couldn’t touch them as they slowly explored each other’s bodies and mouths, completely unhurried and totally relaxed.

“Next time it’s my turn to play doctor,” Owen said between kisses. “Did I mention that I’m so glad I let you talk me into this?”

This is my first ever Torchwood fic – I was feeling inspired and ambitious when I took on this challenge. I hope you folks like it!

Check out touchyerwood for more stories like this! And give torchwoodcoffee, torchwoodslash, torchwood_fic, jack_in_cuffs and owenharper_fans a look see – this is cross posted to all of them!


( 8 Have Spoken — Speak )
Jun. 30th, 2012 03:19 am (UTC)
Awesome! I always wanted more medical kink in my Torchwood. Awesome jump into writing in a fandom! Very in character.
Jun. 30th, 2012 12:34 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean by wanting more medical kink. I've written medical kink for almost every one of my fandoms at one time or another, so when I stumbled across the unclaimed prompt at touchyerwood I couldn't resist. There are one or two other similar prompts that I may tackle at some point, or I may answer this same one again with Owen getting his revenge. Him and Ianto are just so delicious together.

Thank you for the kind words! I always fret over my characterization and I wondered whether I'd made Ianto a little too forceful, so it's good to know that it works.

Also, your icon makes me laugh!
Jun. 30th, 2012 06:01 am (UTC)
That was really delicious. Thank you.
Jun. 30th, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the kind comment!
Jun. 30th, 2012 07:11 pm (UTC)
FLAIL GAH THUDD!! bloomin heck this was hot!
Jun. 30th, 2012 11:23 pm (UTC)
That is totally the reaction I was looking for! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it hehe!

Your icon really does make me squee, by the way. ;)
Jul. 1st, 2012 01:01 pm (UTC)
thanks it was made by the wonderful galactcconman.
Jul. 2nd, 2012 01:46 pm (UTC)
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