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The Middle

Title: The Middle
Author: venus_fiction.
Prompt: Ianto goes down on Gwen while Jack's behind her, kissing her neck and playing with her nipples. Bonus points for sweetness and cuddling afterwards. of the Touchyerwood kinkmeme community.
Genre: Erotica/Fluff.
Pairing(s): Ianto/Gwen/Jack.
Rating: NC17.
Word Count: 1988.
Spoilers: None – AU.
Summary: Gwen vows to always knock before entering a room in the future, even though through fortuitous circumstance she got just what she needed.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or any characters/places/plots associated with the show nor am I in any way profiting from this piece of writing.

Gwen had never intended for things to turn out the way they were when she’d come rushing into Jack’s office. She’d just gotten off the phone with Owen who had said he’d caught sight of what might have been a meteor falling into the woods outside of Cardiff on his way home from the pub and meant to pass on the message. Instead she’d wound up in between Jack and Ianto, her chest heaving as the two of them touched, kissed and sucked all conscious thoughts right out of mind.

She had paused just inside the doorway, frozen in place as she'd watched Jack and Ianto kiss, touch, explore. They’d both been completely undressed and lost in each other. The intensity of the exchange between the two of them had been so vivid that Gwen had felt a pang of arousal and impulsive desire to join in even before she’d registered that she probably shouldn’t have been standing there and playing voyeur to their escapade.

Before she could even have considered turning tail and slipping away (hopefully) unnoticed, Jack’s eyes had opened and landed on her, half-lidded from the pleasure of Ianto’s touch. He’d smiled in a way that was purely Jack and made Gwen feel as though they were sharing some intimate little secret that was just between them.

“Ianto, we have company,” he’d murmured, his gaze never once wavering from hers.

The Welshman had lifted his head from where he’d been nipping at the sensitive skin of Jack’s collarbone, smiling blissfully as his eyes had fallen on Gwen.

“Would you care to join us?” He’d queried breathlessly. “You look like you could stand to take your mind off of things for a little while.”

Gwen had nodded almost unconsciously but had found herself unable to move. She’d been so completely enraptured by the two men, by the hard muscles undulating beneath soft, slick skin, that she hadn’t wanted to intrude on the private, beautiful act. Ianto had seemed to sense her hesitation, though, and he’d stepped away from Jack, closing the distance between them and taking her hand in his.

Her skin had been cool in comparison to his and she’d shuddered, her mouth falling open just enough for her to draw a quick, cleansing breath before she was thrown into something so overwhelming she would later find herself unsure of whether she’d lived it or dreamt it.

Jack had stepped in behind her as she and Ianto had drawn close to the other man. He’d pulled her flush against his body and pulled her hair back off of her shoulders, exposing her neck as he’d leaned in to kiss the graceful curve where it sloped off to meet her shoulder. Gwen had gasped then, electrified by the sensation and surprised by how good, how natural it had felt to have Jack kissing her.

He’d kissed higher then, reaching her earlobe, taking it between his teeth and sucking on it gently. The contrast of the sharp nip had been so stark against that of the soft kisses that Gwen had reached out to find purchase on the nearest object within reach, which had turned out to be Ianto’s shoulders. He’d gotten down on his knees in front of her and had undone the buckle on her belt as Jack had coaxed her out of her shirt and bra.

It felt like it had taken them hours to strip her bare and like every single second had been exquisite agony. A part of Gwen’s brain had briefly considered that she should have been feeling guilt at the fact that she was betraying Rhys, but Jack and Ianto had had her feeling so good in ways that Rhys could never have managed. They had been both foreign to her and familiar, both sinful and virtuous. They had known exactly what she’d needed after another long and difficult case, and she’d known the second they had fallen upon her that she never could have resisted them.

Being bare naked in front of Jack and Ianto had felt so natural. The feeling had been compounded ten, a hundred, a thousand times when Ianto’s mouth joined Jack’s in exploring Gwen’s body. What Jack’s kisses around her neck were doing to her above, Ianto’s kisses along the insides of her thighs were mirroring below and so the parting of her legs when the young Welshman’s mouth had reached the apex of her thighs had been necessary, instinctive.

Gwen had cried out the second Ianto’s tongue had grazed her swollen, throbbing clit and her knees had gone completely weak. If Jack’s arms hadn’t wound around her at that moment, she would have slumped to the ground in a blissful haze. Instead, she’d found herself well supported and even more thoroughly touched. Jack’s arms had encircled her chest and his hands had cupped her breasts. He’d pinched her nipples roughly between his thumbs and first fingers, tugging on them playfully as he’d massaged Gwen’s breasts with his large, deft, nimble hands.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jack had murmured against the column of her throat where his lips had grazed over one of her pulse points, feeling the way her heart had been hammering from his and Ianto’s ministrations.

“And so very wet,” Ianto had chimed in breathily, his words punctuating the long, dragging motions his tongue had been making against her labia.

She had keened wordlessly as Ianto suddenly slipped first one and then two fingers inside of her, thrusting and withdrawing in a steady rhythm that mirrored his licks. Jack had groaned in tandem with her as his hard cock probed in between Gwen’s legs from behind, feeling the mingled wetness of Ianto’s saliva as it had mixed with the velvet honey practically oozing from inside of Gwen. Every so often Ianto had brushed against Jack’s erection as he’d lavished attention on Gwen’s pussy and it had been all Jack could do not to come right then and there.

Gwen had put an arm up, then, reaching behind her to pull Jack’s head in even closer as he nuzzled her, making her feel precious and cared for. She’d slowly slipped her legs apart even further where she stood, giving Ianto more space to get his hands and his tongue into. Ianto had taken full advantage of the gesture, immediately having withdrawn his fingers from inside of her and begun stroking her dripping wet sex. His fingers had manipulated her clit, rubbing it as though to coax a genie out of its lamp, tapping it lightly, encircling it as he had dipped his tongue inside of her.

Between Ianto’s caresses and Jack’s manipulation of her nipples, Gwen had quickly begun to feel like control, along with the world, was spiraling away from her. Her vision had begun to dim and she’d shut her eyes in hopes that she could hold on just a little bit longer but it had been an exercise in futility. The licking, sucking, kissing, fingering – it had all become overwhelming and Gwen had cried out, her head falling back to rest on Jack’s shoulder and her knees giving out completely.

Ianto had been prepared for her climax and he’d caught her by the hips, supporting her as she rode out the waves of ecstasy with her chest heaving, her breath coming in quick, discordant gasps. He’d smiled, marveling at her beauty as she came down from the high with her skin glowing beneath a fine sheen of perspiration, and rested his head against her thigh, nuzzling it lovingly.

Jack hadn’t been quite so prepared and as Gwen orgasmed, the feeling of her slick, swollen folds moving against his nearly painfully hard cock had pitched him headlong into a climax of his own. His grip on Gwen had tightened and he’d been afraid that he was depriving her of precious oxygen as he clung to her, spilling himself down her thighs as he’d braced her against his body, a few hot drops having come to rest on Ianto’s lips and chin as well where he’d been pillowed against Gwen’s thigh.

It had taken several long, exhausting minutes for Gwen and Jack’s breath to return to them and Ianto had taken that time to stroke himself to a release using the breathtakingly sexy portrait of Gwen and Jack in their post coital bliss as fuel for the flame. He’d looked up into both of their eyes as he’d come to stand, licking his lips clean of Jack’s semen as he finished himself off. He had spilled himself on Gwen’s belly and thighs, his come mingling with Jack’s, making Gwen feel dirty and incredibly hot at the same time.

Gwen had raised her arms then, wrapping them around Ianto as he had stepped into her embrace. Jack’s arms had encircled them both and they had simply stood there for several minutes as the strength came back into their limbs and their heartbeats slowed to a normal, relaxed pace.

Afterward, once they’d finally stepped apart, Ianto had walked Gwen over to Jack’s desk and sat her up on it as Jack had gone out to fetch some cloths with which they could clean up. Ianto had gently cupped Gwen’s face in her hands, touching her so carefully that she’d felt as though she was made of porcelain and might break at any time. He’d stroked his thumbs over her cheeks and leaned in, pressing his lips to hers in a soft kiss.

“How do you feel?” He’d asked, having pulled away just far enough to meet her eyes.

“Exhausted,” she’d admitted. “Like I might actually be able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in… well, since before I joined Torchwood.”

“Let us take care of you,” Ianto had insisted softly. “When I joined Torchwood, Jack promised he would always take care of me. I know he’s extended the same vow to you, and so do I, now. Tonight and whenever you need us to.”

“Listen to the man, Gwen,” Jack had said playfully as he returned. “After all, he does know everything.”

She’d smiled and blushed a darling pink color, having braced herself with her palms on the desktop as Jack had begun carefully washing all physical remnants of the evening’s activities off of Ianto. She’d relaxed, trusting Jack’s touch completely as he’d done the same for her before finally cleaning himself off, too.

They’d slowly dressed thereafter, adjusting, straightening and neatening until they looked presentable. It had been just in time, too, as the doorway alarm had sounded and Owen’s voice had echoed through the room at that very moment, closely followed by Tosh’s. Jack had pulled Ianto and Gwen back in for one last, quick embrace and kissed them both gently before ushering them out of the room.

That had all been four months ago and Gwen still remembered the feel of Ianto’s mouth and Jack’s hands. She could still feel their love for her, could sense her own chest bursting with a love for them in return. She still recalled how well she’d slept that night and in the nights that followed. Unfortunately, the nightmares had since returned and shadows had begun to appear in the periphery of her vision once again, unsettling her, making her long for that once held sense of peace. It was the desperation of missing that feeling of calm that drove her up the steps to Jack’s office after Owen and Tosh had gone for the night. It was the need to feel protected, cherished and most importantly understood that had her turning the doorknob without knocking – something she had once promised never to do again. Most of all, it was the completely overwhelming knowledge that she, Ianto and Jack were a fit far more right for each other than she and Rhys would ever be that had her walking in between the two naked men once again, just like the first time.

I am officially in love with Ianto, and even more in love with Ianto/Gwen. Thank you to whoever posted this prompt – it was so much fun to write!

Check out touchyerwood for more stories like this! And give torchwoodcoffee, torchwood_fic, and jack_in_cuffs a look see – this is cross posted to all of them!


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I loved this, meimei. Straight to the point and hot hot hot. God I am loving Ianto. <3
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You know I don't futz about when I'm writing porn. Straight to the point is how I roll. ;)

Glad you liked it hun! ILU.
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Oh my gosh, that was great!
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