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I'm a Glutton for Punishment...

I've recently fallen in love with YET ANOTHER new fandom: Torchwood. In light of this, I've created 100 prompts that make me think of the fandom and that will hopefully inspire me to write more!

001.Sacrifice 002.Midnight 003.Home 004.Gone 005.Lost
006.Music 007.Blush 008.Sweet 009.Breath 010.Numb
011.Comfort 012.Feel 013.Patient 014.Safe 015.Passion
016.Right 017.Learn 018.Perfect 019.Sick 020.Champagne
021.Beginning 022.Hurt 023.Rain 024.Silent 025.Rush
026.Moon 027.Doctor 028.Soul 029.Hope 030.Detour
031.Cure 032.Fight 033.Glass 034.Risk 035.Rough
036.Dilemma 037.Smile 038.Wrong 039.Judgment 040.Dance
041.Leave 042.Words 043.Tears 044.Truth 045.Fear
046.Pulse 047.Friends 048.Anger 049.Ocean 050.Time
051.Run 052.Dark 053.Touch 054.Flaw 055.Blood
056.Hands 057.Child 058.Fire 059.Hero 060.Taste
061.Song 062.Heart 063.Secret 064.You 065.End
066.Listen 067.Love 068.Toxic 069.Strong 070.Coffee
071.Lies 072.Dream 073.Cold 074.Late 075.Chill
076.Family 077.Gentle 078.Trauma 079.Limit 080.Spark
081.Alone 082.Breeze 083.Win 084.Fever 085.Broken
086.Rules 087.Medicine 088.Awake 089.Laugh 090.Danger
091.Weak 092.Wait 093.Sensitive 094.Never 095.Fair
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.